The news stories are filled with heart breaking stories of women and children from different parts of Asia being pushed into forced labor and prostitution. Slavery and flesh trade are inconvenient realities of the world we live in. Often poverty and lack of education is what drives women and children into these horrific situations. At AACO, we salute and support organizations that are working tirelessly with law enforcement agencies and social service institutions to rescue and rehabilitate those who are caught in the evil web of human trafficking.


There are many parts of Asia where women and children are deprived basic education and economic freedom. Education opens the mind and creates better societies. But in many countries, suppressing education is seen as a way to keep large sections of the society in a state of economic and intellectual impoverishment. At AACO, we believe that the Asian community in the US with its vast resources, connections and reach can create opportunities for growth and education of Asian women and children living all around the world.


We live in a world where millions of people live without basic sanitary and hygienic amenities. We take these amenities for granted, while there is an entire world that is suffering from malnutrition, illnesses and completely avoidable diseases. We, at AACO, are committed to the vision of a world where millions of people around the world can get basic amenities like sanitation, clean water, and medical help.